Booking Process

Description Reservation process.
1. Complete the form on the left, with all the necessary data, and submit the form.
2. Our customer service will contact you to confirm the room reservation, and will inform you of the next steps.
3. Upon receipt of the information from our customer service, you can make reservation by credit card or bank transfer.




  • Individuals between ages 18 and 35
  • The tenant has an agreement with a local university, an internship or a work contract.
  • Pay the deposit.
  • Agree and sign the contract and the house rules.
  • On arrival the first month’s rent has to be paid.


The mínimum stay is 3 months.


  1. Payment of the deposit guarantees that:
  • The fulfillment of the booking porcess and ensures the room chosen for the stay is agreed upon.
  • The contract and the house rules that the student has been informed of during the booking process, will be signed at arrival, before the keys are handed out.
  1. Amount and method of payment.

The amount of the deposit is equivalent to the amount of one-month rent.

Please note that: It is forbidden to use the deposit to pay any month of the rent.

  1. Mechanism and necessary conditions for the recovery of the deposit.

Erasmundus Barcelona Flats will be in charge for the return of the deposit, which will be returned once the following points have been fulfilled:

  • The student has paid all the rental payments and that there is no overconsumption of utilities bills left unpaid (as written in th contract utilities are covered up to a certain reasonable limit, and utilities going beyond the agreed upon amount will be proportionally divided up between the students sharing the flat). Unpaid bills will be deducted from the deposit.
  • The room is left in the same conditons as at the moment of the check-in. All the elements of the room will be checked (check list).
  • The keys have been returned.
  • The student has complied with the house rules.

At the end of the stay, and after the verification of the above-mentioned points, the deposti will be returned through bank transfer within the following 60 days after the check-out. All the comissions from the bank transfer will be in charge to the student.

  1. Cancellation of the reservation.

Only 50% of the deposit, paid under the process of reservation, will be refunded if the cancellation is made before the arrival to the flat or if it is made within the first 24 hours of arrival. In this case the keys must be returned within 24 hours of arrival, and the room has to be in the same condition as when the check-in was made.

No refund of deposit will be given for cancellations made after the first 24 hours of arrival.

  1. Termination /departure before end of contract.

If the contract is terminated before date agreed upon or departure is done before the agreed upon date, a lack of rent in the remaining months will affect the return of the deposit.

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